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Johnson Park Rehabilitation Project - Unveiling Ceremony

As one of the most significant properties in the state of New Jersey from an architectural, cultural, and historical perspective, the reclamation of Johnson Park was long overdue. Not only is the park an important part of Camden's heritage, it represents an opportunity to develop pride among City residents and reestablish the City as the cultural center of southern New Jersey. The Johnson Park Rehabilitation Project entailed a complete rehabilitation of the historic Eldridge R. Johnson Park to a state mimicking its original grandeur upon completion in 1930. This is the period from which most elements remain extant, and in which the park attained the unique and playful character for which it is remembered.

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Structural Strengthening of Historic Chapel: Extensive Repairs and Restoration Return the Seton Hall University Icon to its Original Grandeur

The years had taken a heavy toll on the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, the centerpiece of the Seton Hall University campus in South Orange, N.J. A detailed examination fo the building revealed that the stone buttresses has moved away from the building and caused serious cracking in the main masonry arch. Old masonry cracks were concealed behind several layers of wall plaster, and the soft rubble mortar literally crumbled to the touch. Many of the damaged stones required repair or replacement, some because of delamination resulting from earlier waterproofing efforts. Interior rubble fill within the bearing walls were water washed from exposure and voids were found as stones were removed for replacement. To counteract the many problems discovered, the masonry restoration contractor replaced deteriorated buttresses, field-cut facade replacement stones, restored the window arch stones, and coordinated installation of copper flashing.

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Upgrading a Princeton Landmark

The campus of Princeton University is a living model of stone architecture. Not only do its historic buildings offer a broad cross section of stone materials from around the country, but they also feature a level of stone detailing not commonly found in today's architecture. With this in mind, renovation and restoration work on the campus required an extremely high degree of precision and attention to detail. This was the case for the renovation and restoration of Blair & Buyers Residence Hall, the first Collegiate Gothic residence hall built on the Princeton campus.

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